One N.J. IT security firm is acquiring another, it says

Montclair-based SecValMSP announced Tuesday that it will acquire Newark’s Stryker Technology Solutions.

SecValMSP provides managed security services for more than 1,700 hotels all over the world.

“With the addition of Stryker Technology Solutions, SecValMSP can now provide a seamless, end-to-end, PCI-compliant solution for hoteliers worldwide,” SecValMSP President Dawn Bruno said. Managed technology and managed security services are converging at a rapid pace. Conventional break-fix technology firms do not have the skill set, expertise or understanding required to adequately secure a property, let alone an understanding of the PCI controls. These firms are unable to effectively manage the ever-changing and widening threat landscape.

“It makes perfect sense for a firm like SecValMSP to integrate system support, disaster recovery and business continuity along with desktop and server support using advanced security management tools already in place.”

There are about 15 controls that third-party managed information technology firms are responsible for, and where they are failing, according to a release by the company. Merchants have just started to understand how these firms can adversely impact their compliance and how they jeopardize the security of the merchant’s assets.

“Stryker has already positioned themselves as a leader in the managed IT support space,” Bruno said. “They are one of the few PCI-compliant IT support organizations, having achieved Level 1 Compliance as a service provider earlier this year.”

Operations will merge immediately, expanding the current support offerings.

“Our ability to scale will give customers a greater selection of products, higher level of service, more efficient service level agreements and end-to-end visibility into the operations of the property,” Bruno said.