Bridgewater company’s parent pays $42M for light-source business

A macro view showing the LED infrastructure

The owner of Bridgewater’s Photonics Management Corp. announced plans to buy a developer of advanced light sources.

Japan’s Hamamatsu Photonics K.K. — whose U.S. headquarters is in Bridgewater — said the consideration for the deal with Energetiq Technology Inc. is $42 million plus company cash.

The Massachusetts company develops laser-driven light sources and extreme ultraviolet, or EUV, light sources.

There has been a growing demand for light sources with high brightness in the ultraviolet region, Hamamatsu noted in announcing the deal, saying they anticipate a significant demand for ultra-short wavelength EUV light sources for inspection and metrology in support of EUV photolithography.

Energetiq’s laser-driven light sources have the required high brightness for semiconductor metrology applications, and have become the workhorse of the EUV community, Hamamtsu said.

Hamamatsu has a long history of developing and marketing light sources, such as the Xenon lamp and Mercury Xenon lamp for semiconductor inspection. The addition of EQ’s technology and production ability will help to expand Hamamatsu’s capabilities and product offerings.

Hamamatsu plans to use the companies’ combined technologies to speed development of new, value-added products that can serve diverse areas, including environmental analysis.