Continuum to provide services to hospitalist group Adfinitas

Continuum Health, which is known for providing physicians with administrative services to help reduce the burden of those costs, recently announced it is partnering with Adfinitas Health, the largest hospitalist group in the Mid-Atlantic region, which has been around for 10 years.

Hospitalists are relatively new to the health care industry, having only been around for about 20 years.

Adfinitas currently serves over 50 health care sites of service — both hospitals and post-acute care centers around the Mid-Atlantic region — delivering high-quality, cost-effective integrated medical and advisory services, according to a recent statement.

Most hospitals start by employing their own hospitalists, but eventually outsource the service to firms like Adfinitas, according to Marlton-based Continuum.

But the large contract with Hanover, Maryland-based Adfinitas is a different move for Continuum, which has recently been diversifying — such as its interest in the Partners in Care Alliance with CentraState earlier this year.

Peter Bailey, CEO of Continuum Health, said the company had worked closely with Adfinitas during its expansion process.

Adfinitas said Continuum will be its dedicated revenue cycle management partner, ensuring smooth payroll payments and other revenue needs, especially since Continuum is experienced in the growing value-based payment systems.

When asked if it was Continuum’s largest account to date, Bailey replied, “As a privately held company, we do not disclose specific client data, but we have a growing number of large accounts.”

He indicated that the company intends to expand in other areas.

“Continuum strongly believes that independent physicians are vitally important to improving quality and lowering the overall cost of care. However, there are other groups who can benefit from Continuum’s services. In fact, we were already serving hospital-based or hospital-affiliated physician groups before we signed Adfinitas,” Bailey said. “We continue to assess new markets and identify areas where we can leverage our strengths as a function of good business practice.

“We firmly believe that all physician groups are looking for more than a technology solution — they want a committed partner who has both fee-for-service and value-based experience, and applies human intelligence to every process. Ultimately, we meet physicians wherever they are on their journey and help advance them toward greater value based success.”

Eric Nass, president of Adfinitas Health, complimented Continuum’s range of expertise and track record.

“Our firm is poised for significant growth outside of our current footprint, and we needed a strong revenue cycle management partner to support our expansion goal,” he said. “Hospitalists are one of the largest medical specialties and we are excited to help advance this field, with a clear focus on delivering better quality, clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction.”