Rutgers center announces new, intensive cybersecurity course

Rutgers University’s Center for Innovation Education, in conjunction with performance improvement solutions company Socratic Arts Inc., is launching a Cyber Security Certificate Program, it announced recently.

The RIE said in a news release that the intensive, 24-week online course begins Nov. 27. Development was funded by the Department of Defense, and the curriculum was created in partnership with government-selected information security experts, Rutgers added.

“In keeping with Rutgers’ Center for Innovation Education mission of providing cutting-edge, high-demand employment curriculum, we are pleased to offer this challenging and stimulating Cyber Security course that will prepare graduates to tackle the complex challenge of protecting and securing computer networks,” RIE Director Stephen Carter said in a prepared statement.

Students will gain a broad foundation in both offensive and defensive cyberoperations skills, the university said, including intelligence gathering, forensics, exploitation of websites and more. Graduates will be capable of solving information security problems, learning to defend networks by thinking like an attacker, according to the release.

“Having developed this curriculum in conjunction with the Department of Defense, we looked for the right partner to offer this program, and the Rutgers Center for Innovation Education is the perfect university partner,” Socratic Arts Senior Vice President Ray Bareiss said in a statement. “The demand for information security professionals is exploding, and this program provides the skills and acumen required to succeed in this dynamic field.”

The program is open to U.S. citizens and green card holders on a non-credit basis. It has a maximum of 75 accepted candidates, with applicants taking an online assessment prior to acceptance.