Vitals expands its consumer health care web offerings through deal

Vitals, a health care solutions company based in Lyndhurst, has merged its website business with a California company’s online business, it announced recently.

Vitals, which operates the and websites, has created a subsidiary called Vitals Consumer Services, which combines its consumer websites with the patient-to-patient websites run by MedHelp, a subsidiary of Aptus Health Inc. Vitals’ sites connect patients with doctors, while MedHelp’s enable patients to chat with one another.

“We are excited to expand our focus helping consumers navigate their health care questions,” Vitals CEO and President Heyward Donigan said in a prepared statement. “Whether people are looking to connect with a health professional or with patients who have a condition similar to theirs, Vitals’ newly expanded consumer websites will be the place they can turn for answers.”

Vitals Chief Financial Officer Bryan Perler told ROI-NJ in an email that the subsidiary is majority owned by Vitals, which will control the day-to-day oversight of the new business. The subsidiary will also be headquartered in Lyndhurst.

In a news release, Vitals said the new Vitals Consumer Services would be one of the largest digital health properties in the country.

“For over 10 years, Vitals has connected consumers to the right doctors,” founder and Executive Chairman Mitch Rothschild said in a statement. “For nearly the same amount of time, MedHelp has connected patients with other patients. By combining these two organizations, we’re expanding the ability of consumers to share their knowledge and help them make better care decisions.”