MediSolutions crafting VR patient education system

MediSolutions has created a virtual reality system that will help educate patients, as well as adding a pair of top executives.

MediVRx will launch in March, and is designed to take real-time data to improve education at the point of care, the Hasbrouck Heights company explained.

The broad library of topics is growing daily and addresses many critical health care needs, such as diabetes education, a deeper comprehension of cancer and cardiovascular disease.

The company also announced that Neil Keene will serve as the company’s president and Brian Peet will serve as executive vice president of commercial innovation.

“We want to partner with the pharmaceutical community to deliver value to physicians and patients with breakthrough point of care options rooted in technology,” Keene said. “With over 80 percent retention rates seen in our research, we believe virtual reality will be a key differentiator in patient treatment and overall disease management.”

Patients will be able to draw a direct parallel between a medication’s purpose and the way it works within the human body.

“Every MediVRx patient experience immerses the subject in an educational environment where they can learn by interacting with their medications and condition in a way never before seen,” Peet said. “Imagine a patient diagnosed with cancer, seeing firsthand how their body functions from the inside out; learning the way in which cancer is infiltrating their internal system and organs; and then how a   proposed medication can directly influence and correct the prognosis. This positive self-imagining, combined with deeper intellectual capacity, will extend care and potentially improve outcomes.”

Since the MediSolutions’ MediScripts in 1981, the company has worked with more than 150,000 physicians nationwide. It predicts vast growth through this new tool.

“This is an exciting new phase for MediSolutions, where we are building on past success and entering into a rising marketplace for both the patient and the physician,” said founder and Chairman Joshua Lapsker. “Keene and Peet bring progressive experience and a proven track record of leadership in pharma and biotech digital innovation, which makes them ideal candidates for leading MediSolutions into the next phase of evolution.”