Atlantic Health unveils physician-run network

Atlantic Health System announced its new physician-managed clinically integrated network, Atlantic Alliance, following a trend in the state to focus on primary care.

The new arm of the organization allows physicians to operate independently, especially those not affiliated with Atlantic, and focuses on ensuring all providers are equipped with the data, training and administrative support needed to succeed in better health outcomes and more efficient practices

“Atlantic Alliance is a great example of physicians and health systems coming together to build healthier communities,” said Brian Gragnolati, CEO and president of Atlantic Health System. “Alliance members will find that its inclusive approach helps to connect them with their peers without limiting their options in caring for their patients. This new model of collaboration is a perfect platform for delivering safer, better connected and more affordable care.”

The Alliance also allows greater collaboration with other Atlantic affiliates, including the network of 2,500 physicians from the Atlantic Accountable Care Organization, Optimus Healthcare Partners and Healthcare Quality.

The network has earned more than $42 million in shared savings and care management fees since 2012, according to Atlantic.

“As health care has moved towards value-based models, it is clear that quality improves when everyone works together, and providers can focus on caring for patients,” said Thomas Kloos, president of the Atlantic ACO and MSO director for Optimus. “Atlantic Alliance breaks down barriers between providers, making it easier to coordinate care while reducing costs. It is a powerful framework that allows physicians to engage with one another while maintaining their autonomy.”