Ocean Power moves to Monmouth County

Ocean Power Technologies Inc. has completed its move from Mercer County to Monmouth.

Its corporate headquarters and manufacturing operations will now be at 28 Engelhard Drive in Monroe Township.

“We are excited to have moved into our expanded facility,” said CEO and President George Kirby. “The new location will help enable our future growth and support for customers around the world. It enhances our manufacturing capabilities and advances our safety and quality programs. This new location also provides us the ability to scale the business by continuing to grow our manufacturing, sales and marketing teams to drive business development.”

He said it has come at just the right time to address an increased demand renewable energy.

“We are prepared to welcome guests from around the world to better acquaint them with our business and technology, and this new campus will allow for manufacturing of multiple buoys in a highly technical space,” he said. “We will be able to hire the best and brightest talent from a surrounding area that is home to more scientists and engineers per square mile than anywhere in the country.  This relocation is certainly a key milestone for Ocean Power Technologies.”