UHC creates coupon app for large-group members

UnitedHealthcare in New Jersey is adding to its arsenal of perks for large-group, fully insured members with an app that provides weekly coupons for healthy foods.

The Healthy Savings program is designed to encourage healthy food choices, and has already seen success in Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Virginia and Washington, D.C.

The program has generated a savings of $1.4 million on grocery bills in these areas since it was first introduced in 2016.

“We are primarily giving people an option through Healthy Savings to make healthier food easier to obtain and more affordable,” said Paul Marden, CEO of UnitedHealthcare in New Jersey. “We think our members are going to appreciate it, because it’s going to improve their diet and save them money.”

An estimated $150 per month on grocery bills on average, according to the insurer.

It costs members nothing and simply requires access to either the Android or Apple app stores, where the app is available. Both UHC and Oxford members are eligible.

Currently, the only shops to accept the app are Stop & Shop, of which there are 61 locations in the state, and Western Beef in East Orange.

“We are looking to expand access,” Marden said, adding that there was substantial access to launch the program in the area.

More than ever, the health care industry is focused on food and diet as a way to help prevent more serious health issues.

“It’s a great way for (members) to get a benefit of being a member when they are not sick,” Marden said.