ROI-NJ reveals its ROI Influencers Power List 2018

“Here’s the thing about the administration,” the insider began. “I can call someone at 9 a.m., someone I know is well connected, and get the inside scoop on a situation.

“Then, I can call someone at 9:30, someone I know is well connected, and get the exact opposite story. And I don’t think either one is lying or trying to mislead me.”

That’s the way it is with a new administration, especially after eight years of the other party. It not only brings out changes, but confusion. Key players are learning their place. And, in some cases, jockeying for position.

Figuring out the lineup card is difficult for those trying to get in good with Gov. Phil Murphy’s group. Everyone is trying to get the lay of the new landscape. It’s why so many of Murphy’s appointees make up so many of the top spots. Which businesses will be able to work with these appointees remains to be seen.

Of course, that’s the fun part. Seeing how predictions of power and influence play out.

Will the list prove to be accurate in the long run?

There’s no way of telling. But, if you listen to the next part of the phone call I started with, I think you’ll have the answer.

“Here’s the catch,” the insider said. “If I call back in six months, I’m probably calling a new set of people.”

With that, read the first ROI Influencers: Power List 2018 by clicking on the preview below.

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