Campbell’s Morrison says International Women’s Day ‘reminds us of how much more there is to do’

In honor of International Women’s Day, Campbell Soup Co. CEO Denise Morrison released her thoughts on the movement behind “shattering the glass ceiling” and women in the workplace.

Since joining Camden-based Campbell, Morrison co-founded the Women of Campbell network, which brings together women at the company to network and develop their careers.

“We come together to be inspired, to network and to grow as business leaders,” Morrison said.

Here’ the full transcript of Morrison’s video released this morning.

“Today is International Women’s Day, a worldwide celebration of women who have changed history and made their voices heard through social, economic, cultural and political achievements.

“It’s a day to celebrate progress and to pay tribute to courageous actions, but it also reminds us of how much more there is to do.

“This is a pivotal time forward. A new generation is gaining momentum and creating change. Every day, more women, and men, are standing up and speaking out for women’s rights. They’ve made it known that they’re not settling for the status quo.

“My generation wanted change, too. We didn’t wait for doors to open or rungs on the corporate ladder to appear. We believed we could break the glass ceiling by seeking new experiences, learning the skills we needed to lead and building important and lasting relationships.

“But, progress is too slow. This time last year, I was one of 29 female CEOs in the Fortune 500. Today, I’m one of 27. That alone tells me we still have plenty of work to do to create opportunities for women throughout the corporation, particularly at the more senior levels.

“My generation cracked the glass ceiling, but this generation has to shatter it. And it’s everyone’s responsibility to mentor and sponsor them on their career journey.

“Since I joined Campbell, I co-founded our Women of Campbell network to empower women as they navigate increasingly complex career paths. We came together to be inspired, to network and to grow as business leaders.

“Words can’t express how proud I am of this talented group. I’ve worked hard to build a diverse, gender-neutral and inclusive environment. One of our values is to seek the power of different. We believe that that’s good for business.

“Lasting change is created by the power of many, and today that’s exactly what we have. The movement to drive progress on gender parody has more momentum than ever before.

“And, as we celebrate International Women’s Day, I ask that you consider your role in making lasting change for the generations of tomorrow.”