Specialty Program Group launches marine underwriters

Summit-based Specialty Program Group LLC, an insurance holding company for specialty underwriting facilities, announced it has launched Flagship Marine Underwriters, a yacht and charter recreational marine underwriting facility.

Based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Flagship will specialize in global underwriting facilities for the yacht, luxury yacht and charter yacht industry. The team will be responsible for expanding SPG’s marine product offerings.

Laura Sherrod, director of underwriting, Dylan Schwerdtfeger, managing director of commercial marine and charter, and Shawn Kucharski, managing partner, have joined SPG.

“The Flagship leadership team brings deep experience and knowledge that will help SPG build our marine underwriting platform. Creating unique niche solutions in a turbulent watercraft market is where the team really excels, and we are looking forward to supporting them in product development and risk management,” said Chris Treanor, CEO and president of SPG.