100 could lose jobs at DuPont’s Deepwater site

DuPont is closing a chemical ingredients production facility in Deepwater in Salem County, which could leave more than 100 workers without jobs.

A company spokesman told ROI-NJ in an email that the company is shifting certain production from the Chambers Works site to take advantage of advances in technology. Some unrelated work will continue at the site.

“The Safety & Construction business is transitioning the manufacturing of its aramid intermediates from the Chambers Works site in Deepwater to suppliers who have newer process technology,” he said. “Sourcing these ingredients from others who have newer and more productive processes allows us to focus on growth opportunities including new product innovation and the modernization of Kevlar and Nomex manufacturing.”

According to a federal WARN notice, 103 employees will lose their jobs, ranging from supervisors to production workers.

“About 100 Chambers Works aramids employees will be impacted, and we will provide support and assistance to help them find other positions in the company or with other local employers,” the spokesman said. “Our Transportation & Advanced Polymers business will continue to maintain a presence at the site.”

Transpek Ltd., based in India, will be the primary supplier for DuPont after the facility is shut down. The WARN notice is dated for May 31, but the spokesman said the plan is to cease manufacturing at the end of March, followed by a decommissioning period.

The company added that it will continue to manufacture Kevlar and Nomex in its Richmond, Virginia, location.