Interpace Diagnostics expands LabCorp agreement

Parsippany-based Interpace Diagnostics Group Inc., a commercial and bioinformatics company, announced Tuesday it has executed an agreement with LabCorp to further expand its national network of cytology providers in support of its thyroid molecular business unit.

The new agreement builds on the pairs’ 2016 agreement, which established electronic ordering and result reporting through LabCorp for Interpace tests that provided physicians with more specific diagnostic information about the presence of thyroid cancer.

Under the new agreement, physicians will be able to order both thyroid biopsy analysis and molecular testing from Interpace. In addition, physicans who order thyroid biopsy analysis services from Dianon can request an automatic reflex to Interpace’s tests in the event of an indetreminate biopsy result, in which case Dianon will then automatically refer those samples to Interpace to perform its tests.

“We are pleased to incorporate LabCorp and Dianon into our Thyroid cytopathology network, and we believe that both their customers and physicians will find value in working with both organizations,” Jack E. Stover, CEO and president of Interpace Diagnostics.