Bayonne to get commuter ferry at MOTBY

Bayonne could possibly get a new ferry terminal if negotiations go the right way, said Bayonne Mayor Jimmy Davis.

Davis announced Friday that the city has received a term sheet from the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey that will allow for negotiations to bring a new ferry terminal at the former Military Ocean Terminal.

Davis said bringing a commuter ferry service to Bayonne has been a top priority for him as well as for previous administrations.

This is, however, the first step toward that goal.

The proposed ferry terminal location will be at the south side of MOTBY, about half way down the pier. It will also parking and be close to the city’s recent real estate developments.

“With the development of MOTBY finally moving forward after decades of inaction and broken promises, Bayonne is truly on the brink of a total revitalization that will secure our city’s future for the next 100 years — but the missing piece has always been commuter ferry service,” Davis said. “This is a true game changer for Bayonne that will help us continue with the development of MOTBY and it will give our residents another option to commute into Manhattan.”

The city will soon release a request for proposal that will allow for the ferry to operate and build at the commuter terminal. The RFP is expected to be released in April and submissions due later in Spring.

“We are finally beginning to deliver on the promises made decades ago, that will mean millions of dollars in new tax revenue, expanded transportation and more investments in the things residents need, like renovations to our parks and expanded services,” Davis said.