Saint Peter’s launches master’s in consumer science

Saint Peter’s University in Jersey City has created a Master of Science program in consumer science, it announced Thursday, including a specialization in mobile intelligence.

The program, which will start in the fall semester, will prepare graduates to best utilize artificial intelligence, mobile data, business analytics, blockchain technology, location-based data and social media listening, the college said in a news release.

“The availability of Big Data relating to consumers and the business intelligence derived from this data has transformed advertising and the way that marketers identify customers and drive them to purchase,” Joseph Gilkey Jr., director of the program, said in a prepared statement. “Fundamentally, this is a marketing science degree that focuses on the leading-edge areas of marketing science technologies, mobile marketing and consumer psychology.

“Saint Peter’s University developed this program in response to the growing demand for marketing professionals who can harness consumer data, analyze it and turn it into actionable marketing results.”

The 36-credit program, offered at the Jersey City campus, delivers thought leadership on the transformation of advertising in the areas of customer analytics, artificial intelligence and digital marketing. Ethics in fields such as AI and privacy will also be covered.

The program is recommended for students with backgrounds in business, marketing, analytics, advertising, branding and others who hope to rise to senior-level management.

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