SITO Mobile names chief data protection officer

Jersey City-based SITO Mobile Ltd., a mobile data technology company, announced Tuesday it has named Gabriel Sandoval its new chief data protection officer.

According to SITO, general data protection regulation is set to take effect on May 25.

Sandoval was hired to establish compliance with GDPR protocols. He will also be responsible for privacy strategy.

“With so many businesses not yet prepared for GDPR, it is a pleasure to be working with a company that prioritizes compliance,” Sandoval said. “We all believe that all businesses should make the necessary steps to ensure compliance with GDPR. SITO has already taken several proactive steps to ensure compliance and the overall protection of the consumer’s right to privacy. I take immense pride in working alongside my colleagues at SITO to implement the proper procedures and protocols to ensure compliance.”

Prior to SITO, Sandoval oversaw legal counsel at Oracle, Aria and most recently at Deem Inc. as its chief legal officer.

“Data privacy is a mission-critical issue, and, with Gabriel in place, we are now fully prepared for the impending GDPR compliance, along with any similar regulations that may be passed in the United States,” said Tom Pallack, SITO CEO. “Privacy compliance is a core tenet of SITO’s data and service offerings, and we will work to ensure the provenance and privacy of our data supply-chain to honor and protect the consumer’s right to privacy.”