Working Mother includes 3 from N.J. in its Best Companies for Multicultural Women

Twenty-five companies have won the title of Best Companies for Multicultural Women, according to Working Mother, and three of them are from New Jersey.

This is the 16th year since the list has come out, and Working Mother said it helps pinpoint where companies have the most success and opportunities in hiring and promoting multicultural women.

The three companies are: Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey (Newark); Prudential Financial (Newark); and ADP (Roseland).

Horizon won the title due to 40 percent of its workforce, 30 percent of its managers being multicultural women. It also requires a diverse slate of interview candidates and hiring panels.

ADP was awarded the spot due to its Multicultural Leadership Development Program, which was designed to ensure that the most qualified diverse talent have career opportunities available to them. Representation of multicultural women increased 22 percent from 20.6 percent compared to last year.

Prudential Financial gained its notability on the list by having its recruiters work with more than 20 multicultural organizations to source talent. Also, in a newly organized business structure, a third of the top U.S. business leaders are women of color.

To get on the list, companies, both private and public, must have more than 500 employees and offer their own benefits programs.

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