Kepner-Tregoe names new CEO

Princeton-based Kepner-Tregoe, a management consulting firm, announced Thursday it has named Bill Baldwin its new CEO, effective immediately.

Baldwin was previously chief operating officer at Kepner-Tregoe, and has been with the company for more than two decades.

As COO, Baldwin was responsible for day-to-day leadership of the company’s worldwide operations in North America, EMEA, Southeast Asia, Australia and Japan.

In his new role as CEO, he will continue his COO duties and also focus on developing a vision for the future that is in line with the company’s corporate strategy. He will also increase revenue growth.

“We promoted Bill to COO in 2016 after his superior track record in various roles across our organization,” said Andy Cook, chairman of the board. “He assumed this position at a critical time, and was charged with improving our financial stability and concurrently driving strategic initiatives. Bill exceeded our expectations, accomplishing that and more. I am confident that Bill’s steady leadership and his ability to guide the organization will continue to propel us into the future with strong momentum.”

Baldwin joined Kepner-Tregoe in 1997 and was named to the board of directors in 2002 when he was named chief financial officer.

“I am proud to have provided two decades of leadership to Kepner-Tregoe and honored to step into this critical and visible role, particularly as we commemorate 60 years of client service,” Baldwin said.

“We have accomplished many milestones as an organization and on behalf of our clients in the last several decades. Like any consulting team, we are only as good as our ability to serve clients with fresh insights and knowledge, and infuse their organizations with new ways of working. As CEO, I will play an important role in encouraging, cultivating and enhancing that mindset in our company.”