Cantel rolls out dental filtration line after acquisition

Cantel Medical Corp. said Monday it is entering the dental wastewater management market, as it introduces a line of filtration technology that it recently acquired.

The line, known as an amalgam separator, will be marketed and sold under the brand name Syclone, Cantel said. It acquired the line, previously known as Apavia, from ENPRESS LLC and its subsidiary, Apavia LLC.

“As a market leader, we are committed to staying at the forefront of the latest industry trends, and to providing quality solutions that meet the compliance needs of dental practices,” Gary Steinberg, CEO and president of Cantel’s Crosstex International Inc. unit, said in a prepared statement. “With the Syclone filtration technology, we can effectively support the hundreds of thousands of dental practices in meeting the requirement of removing mercury from wastewater and improving the overall environment.”

The Syclone product captures mercury-containing amalgam particles from dental offices’ wastewater.

“We look forward to integrating the Syclone Amalgam Separator technology into our expanding portfolio of solutions for infection prevention,” Ken Plunkett, Crosstex’s senior vice president, global sales, said in a statement.