Mount Laurel IT firm’s CEO takes over full ownership

The CEO of Apex IT Group, a Mount Laurel-based managed information technology provider, has reacquired full ownership in the business, it announced Tuesday.

George Mach, who founded the business in 2007, purchased the outstanding shares owned by several longtime business partners.

Mach hopes to grow the company beyond the greater Philadelphia market, as well as enhancing service offerings.

“We had a few options, including the potential to exit the business in the near term,” he said in a prepared statement. “But I was determined to burn the ships and decided to go all-in and double down on Apex.”

The company has 30 full-time employees and more than $5 million in annual revenue.

Former partners Gary Pica and Bob Penland will continue in the business through their coaching firm, TruMethods, while Howard Borochaner will retire as Apex’s chief operating officer in July to go into consulting.