Princeton Mortgage launches call center in South Carolina

Princeton Mortgage, a residential mortgage banker in New Jersey, announced Tuesday it has launched a national call center in Charleston, South Carolina.

This new center comes only months after Princeton Mortgage launched its wholesale division in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The company also announced Mark Gordon has been appointed to lead the new consumer direct division, in addition to director of sales. Gordon has been in the mortgage industry since 2005.

“As a destination city with an educated workforce and affordable housing.  Charleston represented a unique opportunity for us,” says Gordon of the division’s new location. “There is a workforce and talent pool here that allows companies to succeed. The population has increased year over year for the past 10 years. More than 34 people per day are still moving into the Charleston area,” Gordon said.

“Our recent strategic partnerships with a leading consumer facing technology platform and a proprietary CRM and marketing platform, are an important step in the technology growth we need to be a big player in the consumer direct space. I’m thrilled to help launch this Consumer Direct Division and I’m so fortunate to work with a motivated and thriving team!” said Nicole Gordon, sales enablement manager.