Quantum Real Estate Group rebrands to Forte Real Estate Development

Quantum Real Estate Group, a Middlesex-based developer, announced Wednesday it is rebranding as Forte Real Estate Development.

The change, the company said, reflects its growth as well as its reputation as builders.

“We wanted our brand to be reflective of our values as a company,” said Massimo Pinelli, president of Forte. “Our goal has been and always will be to create properties that feature modern design, quality interiors and first-class amenities that support a convenient and peaceful lifestyle. We believe our work speaks for itself and we are always looking for new ways to meet the needs of the communities in which we build. It is critical that our work impacts the social fabric of the communities in a positive and constructive way by providing services that both our clients and the existing residents can benefit from.”

Forte is a development, investment management and operations firm that invest in medium- and large-sized residential properties in New Jersey. The firm said it is looking to develop about 1,000 units over the next two years.

The company is currently working on a complex on Lincoln Boulevard in Middlesex which will include 200 apartments and retail space.

Forte’s most recent development, The Lofts in Middlesex, was Middlesex’s largest construction project in the past 20 years. It reached 100 percent capacity within weeks of leasing opening.