About that posting for a big Amazon job in Newark …

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The Twitter world — and the New Jersey business community — was slightly abuzz earlier today, when someone discovered a job posting by Amazon for an “urban planning and development director in Newark.”

Stand down.

After checking with Amazon, we got the answer we were expecting: This has nothing to do with the city’s quest to become the home of the company’s second headquarters, or HQ2 project.

The job, in fact, isn’t exactly with Amazon. It’s with Audible, which most people know by now is an Amazon company.

So said Sam Kennedy, an Amazon spokesperson.

Kennedy even offered the job posting.

In addition, Kennedy shot down the idea that a similar job posting in Washington, D.C., means that area has any edge in the HQ2 race.

“This is totally unrelated to HQ2,” he said. “Our economic development team for the U.S. is based in D.C., as part of our corporate presence in the city, and we are recruiting for a vacant position in this team.”

What’s more: “This job posting dates from January 2018,” Kennedy said.

In other words, this no-truth-but-fun-to-speculate rumor has been available for use for more than six months. Or, slightly before the finalists were even named.