Fishermen’s Energy, EDF seek approval for A.C. wind project

Fishermen’s Energy and California-based EDF Renewables North America have submitted a joint petition for approval of the Nautilus Offshore Wind project off the coast of Atlantic City, the two companies announced Monday.

The Atlantic City-based Fishermen’s Energy and San Diego-based EDF said they hope to have the first part of the project online by 2020. It would be the beginning of what could eventually lead to 40,000 jobs nationwide and 8 gigawatts of energy, the companies said.

According to Fishermen’s Energy and EDF, “New Jersey will realize considerable benefits by moving forward with a small-scale project first, similar to the benefits that New England reaped from moving forward with the Block Island project years ago.”

The companies said lessons learned in the course of the smaller project should lead to cost savings on later portions.