Felician, St. George’s announce medical, veterinary educational partnership

St. George’s University in Grenada and Rutherford-based Felician University jointly announced they have launched a program that will allow qualified Felician applicants to get early admission to the medical or veterinary schools at St. George’s.

“We are excited to welcome Felician University’s best and brightest to our campus in Grenada,” Dr. G. Richard Olds, president of St. George’s, said. “This partnership will allow aspiring doctors and veterinarians to focus on their studies at Felician, secure in the knowledge that they’ll have a spot reserved for them in our medical or veterinary school.”

The pair said they will jointly make offers for the combined program to accept students.

“Several Felician students have attended St. George’s University. This partnership expands our relationship to a new level and provides our incoming students who qualify for this program the peace of mind they need to focus their efforts on preparing for their professional studies,” Dr. Anne Prisco, president of Felician University, said.

Under the program, medical students will complete two years of studying in Grenada and then two years of clinical training at hospitals affiliated with St. George’s in the United States or the United Kingdom.

Students in the veterinary program will complete three years of studying in Grenada and then one year of clinical training at affiliated hospitals in the U.S., U.K., Canada, Ireland or Australia.

“It’s a privilege to educate the next generation of doctors and veterinarians,” Olds said. “These future graduates of Felician and St. George’s will play a critical role in addressing the world’s most pressing health challenges.”