2 American Water subsidiaries purchase water systems

Missouri American Water and Hawaii American Water, both subsidiaries of Camden-based American Water, announced recently they have both acquired water systems in their areas.

Missouri American Water has acquired the Lawson water and wastewater system for $4 million, adding approximately 869 new water customers and 913 new sewer customers to its 480,000 statewide customers.

Hawaii American Water entered into a contract to acquire assets and operations of the Waimea Wastewater Company Inc., which serves a portion of the town of Waimea. Financial terms were not disclosed.

“We are very excited to welcome our new customers in the Lawson community and expand our presence in the northwest part of the state,” Cheryl Norton, president of Missouri American Water, said. “Missouri American Water brings over 125 years of expertise to the water and wastewater industries, by joining our large customer base, we will be able to utilize that expertise to provide high quality service for a reasonable cost in Lawson.”

The Waimea Wastewater Company, a wholly-owned subsidiary of park Ranch, is a regulated wastewater utility that serves about 217 clients.

“We look forward to serving and being a part of the Waimea community,” Lee A. Mansfield, Hawaiian American Water’s manager, said.

“This is a win-win for the community and the ranch,” Dutch Kuyper, CEO and president of Parker Ranch, said. “Hawaiian American Water and its parent company own 127 regulated wastewater treatment facilities throughout the nation, including on Oahu and the Big Island. This company is nicely positioned and both well-equipped and well-financed to take over operations and ownership of the Waimea facility.”

According to Hawaii American Water, the purchase of Waimea Wastewater will require Hawaii Public Utilities Commission approval. Approval is expected by the middle of 2019.