Happy anniversary to ROI-NJ

When you open a new business — especially one in the media — it can be hard to determine your start date.

Is it the first day you begin work, the first day you move into an office or the first day you publish?

We’ll choose Option 3.

Today marks the anniversary of when the website for ROI-NJ.com went live.

We only had six people on staff then (we have 13 now), but we were determined to bring news and information to an audience of influencers in a new and unique way.

We think we’ve done that.

We have produced 3,337 pieces of online content (this is 3,338) on a variety of topics around business, government and lifestyle. And we have produced 39 print editions.

This is a note of thanks to our readers — our digital and print numbers continue to grow on a steady pace.

And it’s also a note of thanks to our advertisers. After all, the free press isn’t free to produce.

More than anything, we’re here to say we have big plans for Year Two.

That’s why we’re going to stop for just a bit today and celebrate.

And we might do it again on Oct. 9 — that’s the anniversary of our first print edition.