NJMEP launches new workforce development training, certificate programs

The New Jersey Manufacturing Extension Program has launched new workforce development training and certificate programs.

The programs are focused on combating workforce challenges in the manufacturing industry, including technology advancement, skill improvement, an aging workforce and a lack of interest in manufacturing work.

“When we decided to build out these programs, we really wanted to focus on interdisciplinary training with a range of different skills sets,” Robert Stramara, chief operations officer, NJMEP, said.  “Manufacturing jobs aren’t siloed anymore, so we are providing hands-on training and skill development to help prepare employers and employees with integrated skills and advanced technologies out on the plant floor.”

“The skills gap is an issue that affects every industrial operation today,” John W. Kennedy, CEO, NJMEP.  “This sort of hands-on training and upskilling will be key to helping fill that gap.”

The programs, NJMEP said, will provide refresher courses for employees who need them. It will also soon be offering courses for certification in Manufacturing Skill Standards Council.

“We hear from many of our clients that when organizations invest in their talent, employees progress toward their goals faster and are less likely to leave. With the right skills, employees and the organization flourish and feel good about the work they do.  Companies appreciate the reduced turnover,” Stramara said.