State won’t enforce license ruling that clamped down on ‘limited’ breweries

The state Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control announced Tuesday that it is suspending enforcement of its special ruling issued Sept. 21 regarding activities at microbreweries and other holders of “limited brewery licenses.”

The ABC said in a news release that the suspension will allow it to further discuss the rules with stakeholders, such as craft breweries and other license holders, as well as working with legislators on possible new laws.

“We want to make sure that we get this right,” ABC Director David Rible said in a prepared statement. “We are committed to supporting the state’s growing craft beer industry, while also balancing the concerns of other stakeholders and ensuring compliance with state law.”

In 2012, the Legislature amended state liquor laws with the intent of promoting the craft beer industry. However, craft breweries have been able to serve alcohol beyond the law’s envisioning, the ABC said. That has led to complaints from bars and restaurant owners holding full licenses.

It ruled last month that activities would be limited for those institutions holding the lesser licenses, sparking complaints from the other side of the argument.

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