Why one CEO moved his company to Mass. but still makes his home in N.J.

PeopleProductive is all about building a better business culture for companies.

Its founder and CEO, Frank Wander, feels the state of New Jersey could take a lesson, too.

Wander, a resident of Hillsborough, recently decided that New Jersey no longer is the right place from which to spark the workplace revolution, he said.

Instead, Wander will relocate his growing virtual startup to Cambridge, Massachusetts, in what he calls the “new Silicon Valley.”

“The city is an ecosystem of startups which call on established companies to help and they support one another,” Wander said. “I don’t believe there is much of that going on here in New Jersey.

“We also believe that address will get us more business.”

Wander doesn’t believe living in New Jersey but basing his company in Massachusetts will be a problem.

In fact, Wander feels it’s a modern-day situation that modern-day technologies allow to prosper.

“We have the mindset of hire, work and lead from anywhere,” he said. “We do and will continue to hire team members from all over.”

Constant online video communication is key, Wander said.

“We meet at least three mornings per week with our team via Zoom,” he said. “That is how, even though my company is moving to Cambridge, I can continue to be the CEO from Hillsborough.”

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