Publisher’s Picks: Passion and preference for pizza

Preferences for pizza, crust and toppings is a personal thing. Among the ROI-NJ staff, food is often a topic of discussion, and pizza and what makes a good one is high on the list. Let’s just say passion for pizza is a real thing. So, I’ve quickly discovered that my “Delicious!” is another’s “Meh.” Here is a short list of favorite pies that any one of us here at ROI-NJ would traverse the state roadways for a hot slice.  Enjoy!

Tom Hughes, publisher & chief revenue officer

Maruca’s Tomato Pies

Seaside Heights

“The best sauce, cheese and crust — bar none.” — Tom Hughes

Price: $29 for a 24” extra-large round

Pizza Palace


“Authentic Jersey pizza — all the right amounts of everything.” — Alex Wolmart, marketing assistant

Price: $13.75 for a large plain

Santillo’s Brick Oven Pizza


“Killer pizza.” — David Chmiel, chief marketing officer

Price: $19 for an 18” extra-large round

Marcus B&P


“The nine seven – 3 pie is it.” — Elena Parks, Director, events and marketing

Price: $15


Asbury Park & Jersey City

“Grab a pie and pint and enjoy the seaside vibe.” — Emily Bader, digital content editor 

“Autumn Betty pizza — made in the traditional Neapolitan way.” — Robert F. Russo, art director

Price: $14