Learn Blockchain and other 21st-century skills (Sponsored Content: Montclair State University)

Montclair State University’s Continuing and Professional Education unit has launched a suite of new face-to-face and online credential-bearing offerings that are focused on 21st-century skills designed for working professionals, lifelong learners, and business and community organizations. These new programs are in addition to the university’s already-robust portfolio of fully online degree and certificate programs.

Montclair State recognizes its role to serve traditional and adult degree-seeking students, alumni, professional communities and the broader public. By expanding CAPE to include a focus on the workforce needs of existing and emerging industries, CAPE will help workers compete more effectively for those jobs that will contribute to the growth of New Jersey’s economy.

A key component of CAPE’s approach to continuing education is the addition of short-duration certificate programs. These include a career management component, so learners know how to leverage newly acquired skills into enhanced job and career opportunities. Additionally, Montclair State issues digital badges for noncredit certificate programs, which provide individuals the ability to exhibit their mastery of the skills and competencies in a shareable, web-based credential. A digital badge from a recognized institution such as Montclair State sends a powerful message to employers that an individual is committed to having the most up-to-date skill set.

Blockchain and more: A focus on 21st-century skills and jobs

In addition to the traditional degrees most sought after by potential employers, CAPE has identified skills and competencies that organizations in the private and public sectors need to be successful. Augmenting the online programs housed in the university’s colleges, the professional programs will be taught by a distinguished faculty of recognized experts in their fields as well as from university partners.

Two new program offerings stand out in Montclair State’s CAPE portfolio: Blockchain and Criminal Justice – Homeland Security. Both of these career areas currently face talent shortages and are projected to grow at a faster pace than average job growth.

  • Blockchain: Montclair State is poised to prepare the workforce for the potential of a blockchain-enabled economy. Recognizing blockchain’s impact across a variety of industries (financial services, health care, insurance, distribution, logistics, transportation, real estate, media, food services and safety, luxury and specialty retail, defense) and a variety of functions (supply chain management, payment processing, authentication, money transfer) CAPE is partnering with The Blockchain Academy to offer three certificates in Blockchain. Learners looking to build resumes and up-skill careers will explore this exciting new technology’s potential to support a full spectrum of business activities through online coursework and virtual and/or in-person meetups.
  • Criminal Justice – Homeland Security: A relatively unknown occupation that presents tremendous opportunity for bilingual speakers of Spanish and English is that of analytic linguist. These are professionals who are trained to transcribe, translate and interpret foreign language conversations for federal and local law enforcement agencies investigating everything from terrorism and gang activity to drug smuggling and human trafficking. CAPE is partnering with Translation Skills Training to offer two certificates in Analytic Linguistics. Students successfully completing these programs and meeting pre-established criteria will be sponsored for government security clearances that can lead to job placement in this highly specialized field.

Meeting business and community needs

CAPE will also serve government, not-for-profit and private organizations, as well as groups that are based or operate in northern New Jersey, by helping them develop cost-effective solutions to their training needs. CAPE’s instructors share up-to-date workplace skills and practices to support success for these organizations. CAPE staff is additionally committed to developing and delivering personal enrichment and community-engagement programs by expanding and growing partnerships with local community organizations, such as the Montclair Public Library.

According to a recent report by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, technology will continue to play a vital role in supporting economic growth in New Jersey and throughout the country. Montclair State University is committed to providing accessible paths to affordable, quality education to support career growth within a diverse population. As part of this initiative, CAPE has introduced STEM learning opportunities with a blockchain integrated course at an inner-city high school. It is prepared to support other schools that may also want to build forward-looking technologies into their curricula.

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Graduates of New Jersey’s public community and senior colleges will receive a 5 percent discount on all noncredit-bearing certificate programs. To learn more, or to register for a Continuing and Professional Education course or any of the online degree programs, visit montclair.edu/cape.