Show & Tell: Marketing and communications campaigns within nonprofit world

Monica Smith is founder and CEO of Marketsmith Inc., a marketing firm in Cedar Knolls.

At a Nonprofit and Social Services Breakfast Symposium, she offered three pieces of advice for anyone developing marketing and communications campaigns within the nonprofit world. 

  • “Most important in marketing is the ability to move through what you believe is the reason you exist and to share it well. … It is about ultimately understanding whether or not the money you spend to tell your extraordinarily personal story is told at the right place to the right people for the right reasons.” 
  • “Marketing must move. Similar to a strategic plan, a marketing plan must be put into action the moment it is conceived — or else the marketing world may change, and you will have put into motion a plan that was more optimal six months ago.” 
  • “Not all of your dollars are coming from the exact same place, yet each and every area of donors deserves a very specific type of marketing, including content and deployment. You need to be able to speak directly to them and to what they are looking for in and from the organization.”