New partnership will enable Atlantic’s Executive Health Program to serve international clientele

Atlantic Health System’s Executive Health Program — an all-inclusive one-day health care experience that includes a comprehensive assessment, physical examination and testing — is going global.

At least, that will be one of the results from its new partnership with PinnacleCare, a national health advisory firm based in Baltimore.

For many individuals around the world, accessing high-quality medical expertise and state-of-the-art facilities means having to travel from their home country. For these “medical tourists,” the challenge of finding the right care quickly — before a visa or permit expires — can be difficult.

Pinnacle has partnered with Atlantic Health to ensure its Chinese clients have easier access to such care.

“PinnacleCare provides our members with highly personalized care and guidance for all of their medical needs,” PinnacleCare Chief Medical Officer Miles Varn said.

“This partnership enables PinnacleCare to offer the same high-quality experience, with high-touch services such as customized executive physicals, through vetted providers, such as Atlantic Health System, for these select clients when they visit the United States.”

Under the partnership, PinnacleCare will provide select Chinese banks and their clients with access to Atlantic Health’s Executive Health Program. That access gives those patients entrance into Atlantic Health’s entire continuum of care, including world-leading clinical expertise in areas such as cardiology, neurology and oncology.

Atlantic Health said its Executive Health Program provides clients with a customized “smart” physical that results in a personalized wellness plan developed by a team of specialists.

Atlantic officials say the aim of the exam is to evaluate and minimize health risks, promote wellness and discover potential health problems at the earliest stage when treatment is easier, more effective and less costly. The plan addresses nutrition, fitness, stress management and other indicators of disease risk.

Atlantic officials say the program enables health care professionals to act quickly to address emergent concerns and give patients a complete baseline of knowledge from which to work to improve their health. In addition, patients can receive preventative screening tests for early detection of cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis and other conditions.

Executive Health Program Director Dr. Damion Martins said the program is able to adjust as needed.

“The strength of our program is our ability to modify and adjust it to meet the needs of any patient,” he said. “We have put a tremendous amount of work into researching and customizing our screening to best suit the health care challenges that exist in any part of the world.”

Martins said each patient will leave at the end of the day with a wellness plan to follow.

“Our goal is to promote wellness by identifying risks and discovering potential health problems at the earliest stage,” he said.