Honeywell leaving N.J., potentially taking 750 jobs to North Carolina

(Editor’s Note: Since this story was posted, multiple sources have told ROI-NJ that it is not accurate. Click here for an updated report.)

Morris Plains-based Honeywell is expected to announce Friday that it is moving to Charlotte, North Carolina — a move that could result in as many as 750 high-paying jobs leaving the state.

The move has been reported by numerous outlets in North Carolina, as well as the Associated Press in New Jersey.

A Morris Plains official, speaking on the condition of anonymity because they are not authorized to comment at this point, told ROI-NJ that the borough was blindsided by the announcement.

“We didn’t know anything,” the person said.

A second source remains optimistic that not all of the jobs are leaving the state.

“They have been moving people in here, I can’t believe they would be moving everyone out,” the person said.

Honeywell moved to Morris Plains from nearby Morris Township in November 2015.

The company received a $40 million Grow New Jersey incentive at that time to stay in the state. It is unclear how much of that incentive has been realized.

Calls to the state Economic Development Authority and Honeywell were not immediately returned.

David Cote, the chairman and CEO at the time who has since retired, praised the 40-acre campus and the new 475,000-square-foot building the company was moving into.

“We’ve moved into a truly awesome building, one that more than accommodates our New Jersey employee base, allows for future growth and provides amenities that create a productive work environment for our employees,” he said at the time.

“I’m very proud of our new headquarters and we’re pleased to continue to call New Jersey our home.”

Then-New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said keeping Honeywell in state was a top priority for him.