Honeywell update: Original reporting on potential move was not accurate, sources say

When you’re wrong, say you are wrong.

It appears our original reporting that Honeywell was leaving New Jersey was inaccurate, so we want to correct the information as best as we can.

Since multiple sources reported earlier Friday that Honeywell was leaving the state, a half-dozen more sources — none of whom want to be identified — have told ROI-NJ that the Morris Plains-based conglomerate is not moving its headquarters to North Carolina, as has been reported by many media outlets in New Jersey and that state.

“This is more of a shift to North Carolina,” one source told ROI-NJ, repeating what others said. “This is a subsidiary in North Carolina that is growing. Some jobs will be sent down there to complement what they are doing, but they are not moving their headquarters.”

An official statement from Honeywell is expected to come out later Friday.