Sterling surpasses $6M in sales for 2nd year in row

Sterling Consolidated Corp., a Neptune-based supplier of hydraulic and pneumatic seals, announced its year-to-date revenue.

As of Wednesday, the company said it has reached $6.106 million in sales. This is the second consecutive year the company has made more than $6 million in total revenue, it said.

CEO Darren DeRosa said passing $6 million in revenue showed the success of the company.

“Passing the $6 million mark in under 11 months, is a significant achievement for the company,” CEO Darren DeRosa said. “We continue to work on our expansion strategy, including searching for acquisition targets and expanding our online presence via Amazon, eBay, Groupon and Walmart. We also continued to research and develop Blockchain Technology alongside our core business.  This sales milestone validates the strategies and efforts to grow Sterling Consolidated within the automotive and industrial marketplace.”