Envirosight names chief operating officer

Randolph-based Envirosight, a provider of sewer inspection technology, announced it has hired Robert Lindner as its new chief operating officer.

In this role, Lindner will be responsible for overseeing the company’s service department, warehousing, distribution and general operations, while also leading product support and new product development.

Prior to Envirosight, Lindner was vice president of global quality and consumer services at Jarden Consumer Solutions (also known as Sunbeam Products).

“I’m a numbers guy. You can’t effectively manage what you haven’t measured. So, I’m bringing that mindset to Envirosight. We’re working to boost efficiency in all aspects of our business and synergize the brands,” Lindner said.

“I’m excited to have Rob on the team,” Richard Lindner, president of Envirosight, said. “Any company that’s grown as rapidly as we have needs seasoned oversight in operations. In the beginning, we operated as many small companies must, with everyone wearing many hats. As we’ve grown, bringing on new product and new brands, functional specialization has become more important. Rob brings the structure and process focus that are essential to scaling a business.”