Telecom services firm acquires software business

Somos Inc., a telecom administration services firm based in East Brunswick, has acquired the software development and consulting business of 10X People LLC, it announced Wednesday.

Somos, which administers numbers and registries for the telecommunications industry, said in a news release that the deal for the unit will help its development of new products and services.

“10X People has a strong reputation for innovation and high-quality development in the telecommunications industry,” Somos CEO and President Gina Perini said in a prepared statement. “We have worked closely with 10X People for many years, and are thrilled to add 10X People’s software development and consulting staff to our growing team.”

10X People, a Colorado-based company that provides customized technical solutions and numbering products to the telecom industry, will continue to do so.

“10X People and Somos share a vision and culture that stands for excellence,” Managing Partner Lisa Marie Maxson said in a statement. “The acquisition is an amazing opportunity for members of our team to contribute to major initiatives that will help advance the telecommunications industry.”