Ketamine therapy org adds ex-MedExpress exec as CEO

Mental health treatment center group Actify Neurotherapies has named a new CEO, the Princeton-based organization announced Thursday.

Kathy Kaluhiokalani, former chief operating officer of MedExpress, will now serve as CEO for Actify, leading its growth and executing its mission to deliver care to those facing mood and anxiety disorders, Actify said in a news release.

“Since 2011, Actify Neurotherapies, originally as Ketamine Treatment Centers, has established itself as the national leader in making rapid-acting and innovative mental health solutions accessible to those who have been let down by antiquated and fractured traditional psychiatry practices,” Actify founder and Chief Medical Officer Dr. Steven Levine said in a prepared statement. “Kathy’s previous experience as chief operating officer in a high-growth health care company, which went from 60 locations to 200-plus locations in four years, will accelerate Actify’s ability to improve mental health by providing every American with the opportunity to benefit from the most cutting-edge treatments and technologies like ketamine infusion therapy.”

Actify’s ketamine infusion therapy involves nonsurgical, intravenous doses of ketamine, a onetime anesthetic, to treat depression, anxiety and other disorders. The Anthos Capital-backed group’s Princeton facility is both its first clinic and flagship location, according to its website.

“It’s a privilege to be part of a fast-growing health care company that delivers innovative, best-in-class treatment options that are making a meaningful difference in the lives of the many people dealing with mood and anxiety disorders,” Kaluhiokalani said in a statement. “Actify Neurotherapies is positioned to expand treatment options and add new locations, while providing an exceptional patient experience.”