Resolution … Stand out on LinkedIn: In the B2B world, one social media platform is best in show

Julbert Abraham started Kearny-based AGM (or Abraham Global Marketing) in 2011 for one reason: He needed a job.

Having just been laid off, Abraham decided to see if he can make a business out of helping businesspeople use LinkedIn to grow their business and get jobs.

So far, so good.

The native of Haiti, who has an MBA from Northeastern, said he has worked with more than 400 companies, most for three months to one year. 

We asked him to give us some tricks of the trade. Here is a step-by-step blueprint for success:

Create a (specific) plan

Julbert Abraham, founder of Kearny-based AGM (or Abraham Global Marketing).

“Who are you going after; why are you going after them; what’s the value you are going to provide to them? How are you going to reach out to them on LinkedIn and how you are going to attract them to you? Are you going to be posting video? Articles? And what does that content look like? How long are you going to do it and how are you going to measure success?”

Build your brand

“You have to have the right first impression. If they look you up and all they see is a picture and a line that says you’re the owner of XYZ company, that’s not good.

“Use your profile to really share how you’re going to add value to people or potential clients. Create a personal profile and then create a company page where you have content about the company, what you look for in a new employee, details about a new product or a partnership with a nonprofit.”

Develop content

“It must fit your plan and brand. Are you going to be seen as an expert and give educational tips? Are you going to be entertaining? Are you going to be talking about lessons learned? Or are you going to be talking about more than just your product that you’re selling?

“If you only promote your products and programs, people are going to run away from you. If you are educating, people are going to be attracted to you.”

Determine the payoff

“Once the branding component and content component is done and people are coming to you, what do you want to get out of it? Do you want to set up appointments with them? Do you want them to sign up for your webinar? How are you going to connect?”

Track your efforts

“How are you going to measure your success? Are you just tracking the people that view your post or people who engage with the post? Maybe it’s how many people respond to personal messages from you — or agree to a meeting? Whatever it is, you need a way to measure your efforts. And you need to set goals for certain time periods — one month, three months, one year — to see if your campaign is effective. If it’s not, go back to Step One.”

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