Riders spent additional $57M in N.J. economy, Lyft says

Lyft announced Thursday in its annual Economic Impact Report that riders spent an additional $57 million in New Jersey due to its ride-sharing services.

The report measured the impact of ride-sharing on New Jersey residents and their communities when reliable, affordable rides are readily available.

Companies like Lyft, the report said, are creating a “seamless city living experience by making it easier for people to get around and experience New Jersey.”

Some benefits of Lyft’s offerings have been attributed to partnerships, such as Medford Saving Lives and the Ride Smart program at Rider University.

“Every day, people are using Lyft in New Jersey as a way to connect with their community, support local businesses, and commute more efficiently. This is having a dramatic and real impact on our city by enabling riders to move around seamlessly and drivers to earn on their own time,” Eric Plummer, market manager of Lyft New Jersey, said.  “As Lyft works to better knit together North American cities, including through bikes and scooters, we hope to continue to find new ways to invest in the local New Jersey economy.”

Some highlights from the report:

  • Using Lyft saved riders 6 million hours and $249 million compared to other transportation modes;
  • Almost half (49 percent) of all Lyft users do not have a vehicle;
  • 35 percent of riders spend more at local businesses;
  • 68 percent of riders less likely to drive impaired;
  • 47 percent of vehicle owners use their cars less;
  • 28 percent of health care riders said without Lyft they would be less likely to make their appointments;
  • Almost all (96 percent) of drivers said a flexible schedule is very or extremely important.

To see the full survey, click here.

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