Princeton-based WCG acquires First Clinical Research

Princeton-based WIRB-Copernicus Group‘s Market Intelligence & Insights division announced Wednesday it has acquired First Clinical Research LLC.

First Clinical organizes the MAGI Clinical Research Conference and publishes the Journal of Clinical Research Best Practices.

Under the deal, Norman M. Goldfarb, founder and managing director of First Clinical Research, will join WCG as its chief collaboration officer.

“We are thrilled to welcome First Clinical Research, the MAGI community, and Norman Goldfarb to the WCG family,” Donald A. Deieso, executive chairman and CEO of WCG, said. “No single person has done more to bring the many members of the research ecosystem together than Norm; in MAGI, he has created a powerful vehicle for conversation and problem-solving, encouraging research professionals to share thoughts, information and best practices with one another. Through this acquisition, we will ensure that MAGI has access to the resources it needs to continue to grow, to expand its mission and membership, and to remain an independent touchpoint in the clinical research industry.”

First Clinical Research will operate independently and remain at its headquarters in San Francisco, California.

“I am very proud to join WCG, an organization that is dedicated to doing well by doing good,” Goldfarb said. “Most people know how rapidly WCG is growing. What they may not realize is how genuine and passionate its leadership is, and how committed its employees are to improving the quality of human health. My role at WCG is to facilitate the transformation of our industry by encouraging greater dialogue, creating more opportunities for collaboration, and helping all members of the research ecosystem to work together more effectively to expedite solutions. I look forward to what we will be able to accomplish together.”