Study: N.J. ranked among Top 3 states in U.S. benefiting from immigration economy

New Jersey is one of the Top 3 states in the nation benefiting from an immigration economy, according to a new study by WalletHub.

The study, Economic Impact of Immigration by State, determined which states benefited the most, and least, from immigration using four determinants: immigration workforce, socioeconomic contribution, brain gain and innovators, and international students. The company then examined those determinants with 20 key metrics.

Following just California and New York, New Jersey was ranked No. 3 with an overall score of 70.56 among 50 states and the District of Columbia.

In terms of the determinant rankings, New Jersey ranked No. 1 in WalletHub’s “workforce” category, which includes factors like jobs generated by immigrant-owned businesses and total share of immigrants in the workforce.

It also ranked No. 3 in both the “socioeconomic contribution” and “brain gain & innovation” category, which includes factors such as share of second-generation immigrant households and H-1B visas per capita, respectively.

The Garden State was placed around the middle at No. 23 in the “international students” category, which includes factors like the number of international students per total students.

“Overwhelming, the research has always shown immigrants making a positive impact to our state’s economy. New Jersey has a vested interest in welcoming immigrants to stay in the state, including undocumented immigrants who alone contribute upwards of $500 million in taxes every year,” Erika Nava, policy analyst with New Jersey Policy Perspective, said.

“Our state leaders can continue to make strides in allowing immigrants to make a positive impact by expanding access to drivers licenses to all residents who can prove their identity, residency, and pass the driving test.”

The Top 10 states benefiting the most from immigration, according to WalletHub:

  1. California;
  2. New York;
  3. New Jersey;
  4. Massachusetts;
  5. Maryland;
  6. District of Columbia;
  7. Delaware;
  8. Illinois;
  9. Florida;
  10. Washington.

The Top 10 states benefiting the least from immigration:

  1. Mississippi;
  2. Wyoming;
  3. South Dakota;
  4. Montana;
  5. Idaho;
  6. Maine;
  7. South Carolina;
  8. Louisiana;
  9. Arkansas;
  10. Tennessee.