The ROI Influencers Power List 2019: Accountants

Carl Bagell

Managing partner – Southern New Jersey

Here’s how one insider described Friedman: “They are a solid firm and a diverse firm. They are an example of how you can acquire a number of firms but come together as one. They have a great culture.” Bagell is the partner in charge at the Marlton office.

Michael Coletti

New Jersey office managing partner

Mazars’ New Jersey CPAs are part of a global network of more than 20,000 professionals, but they still deliver individual service — so said one insider. Another said the group’s strength is that it is young and agile and poised to pivot toward the future of the profession. “In a sector that has a lot of old, they have a lot of young,” one insider said.

Glenn Friedman

Prager Metis

Prager Metis is another big firm that is quickly increasing its presence in the state. And, with offices in Hackensack, Basking Ridge and Cranbury, it already is in position to cover a lot of it. The firm has a deep history of practice in entertainment — and will continue that. It also has picked up more SEC-type work. But, really, the sky is the limit.

Ed Guttenplan

Managing shareholder

It’s all about culture at WilkinGuttenplan. Ed Guttenplan preaches it and the firm delivers it. “It shows in how they do their work,” one insider said. “This isn’t just about winning awards, it’s about creating a winning culture. Ed leads that.” Said another insider: “This firm does great with millennials. That’s something everyone in the industry is envious of.”

Bill Hagaman

CEO and managing partner

He may be the best-known (or, at least, most-recognized) person in the accounting world in New Jersey. You know him as the face of Withum’s ad campaigns. The industry knows him as the head of one of the top firms in the state. Hagaman is on the executive committee of the New Jersey Chamber of Commerce, too. Said one insider: “Are they the biggest, the most diverse, the most skilled? I’m not sure, but I know they are in the conversation.” These are just some of the reasons they score well in the Best Places to Work surveys.

Michael Hochman

Partner-in-charge of New Jersey office

The firm, one of the 100 largest in the country, with a huge presence in New York City, Westchester and Long Island, has been increasing its play in New Jersey from its Park Ridge office. It is known for a lot of its work in construction, but views itself more as a consulting firm that helps customers prepare for the future. Said one insider: “They are a firm I suspect we’ll be seeing more and more of.”

Sarah Krom

Managing partner

She is the managing partner at SKC, a sought-after speaker and the current president of the New Jersey Society of CPAs. She’s also a dynamo, said one insider. “She’s an incredible worker. Her clients love her because she is such a hard worker. She represents the next generation of CPAs.” Said another: “Her willingness to step into so many statewide roles at a young age shows her dedication to the profession.”

Maria Rollins

Managing partner

KRS is smaller than some of the other firms listed here, but that only adds to its success. “What’s impressive is how much they can do, how good they are, for their size,” one insider said. “What’s more impressive is that they consistently win Best Places to Work awards. So, they’re doing it right.” KRS continues to show that bigger isn’t always better.

Steven Schinella

Managing partner, Roseland office

Schinella’s in charge of one the biggest firms in the state, one that is strong in a number of areas, from real estate to SEC, and construction to food and beverage. “They are one of those firms that is strong in a lot of areas,” one insider said.

Alex Serrano

Office managing partner
Citrin Cooperman

The firm is turning 40 this year — and celebrating by looking ahead to the next 40 years. “They are solid in all areas,” one insider said. The full-service firm specializes in real estate and construction, restaurant and hospitality services, automotive dealerships, and cannabis.

Alan Sobel

Managing member

Sobel, the incoming president of the New Jersey CPA board in 2020, has been at the front of bigger issues impacting the state. He initiated the letter to Trenton regarding the negative impact of the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act on the solo business owner, leading to the passing of legislation focused on the State Corporate Tax Deduction.

Jay Weinstein

Partner in charge, Metropark office

Weinstein heads the office of the biggest firm in the state — one that is coming off a stellar year, especially when it comes to M&A and tax reform. Eisner also is poised to be a leader in the new Opportunity Zone programs. A sought-out speaker, Weinstein is also on the board of the state chamber. Said one insider: “Everyone knows and respects Jay. In many ways, his firm is the gold standard.” Another said its location makes a difference. “Every time you drive down the Parkway, you see their logo on the building. How cool is that?” the insider said with a laugh.

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