Show & Tell: How to enter salary negotiation with candidate

Dora Onyschak is a metro market manager for Robert Half in New Jersey.

We asked her what you should do as a manager if you must enter into a salary negotiation with a job candidate:

“Right now, we are in a tight labor market — it is very difficult to find skilled candidates in most regions. If you are evaluating candidates and feel like you’ve identified the perfect fit for your organization, don’t be inflexible when it comes to negotiations. A low-ball offer can signal that your company doesn’t value its employees. Furthermore, it can lead to them taking a job elsewhere, possibly with a competitor. Our advice with negotiations is to first and foremost do your homework on what workers for that position are making in your area. Then, make the offer in a timely fashion so you don’t lose the candidate. And most importantly, be creative. If you can’t meet salary expectations, perhaps there are non-monetary benefits that will entice the candidate to join your organization.”