Trenton named among best cities for accountants by AdvisorSmith

Business insurance advisor, AdvisorSmith, has ranked Trenton in the Top 10 best cities for accountants.

AdvisorSmith undertook a study that ranked 399 of the largest U.S cities for their lure to accountants. It released the Top 50 cities and also found the Top 10 small-, medium- and large-sized cities.

Trenton ranked the 9th overall best city for accountants and the 3rd overall best midsized city for accountants.

To determine the rankings, AdvisorSmith used three variables in the study, including:

Density of accounting jobs in a city

AdvisorSmith ranked cities that have more accounting jobs in relation to the worker population as more desirable. This density is represented by the location quotient in Bureau of Labor Statistics employment data. The higher the location quotient, the more jobs that are available for accountants in a given geographic area, and the easier it should be for any given accountant to find an accounting position there.

Average annual accounting salaries in the city

AdvisorSmith ranked cities on the average annual salary earned by accountants in said city. The average salary for all accountants in the study was about $77,920, which is above the average national salary of $55,266 for the sector. Trenton had an average salary of $84,860.

A city’s cost of living index

AdvisorSmith ranked cities with more affordable lifestyles higher than others. It listed the top cities for workers in the accounting industry with data on the total number of jobs, the number of accounting jobs per capita, average annual salaries and the cost of living.

Here are the Top 10 best cities overall for accountants, according to AdvisorSmith:

  1. Springfield, Illinoise;
  2. Parkersburg, West Virginia;
  3. Houston, Texas;
  4. Wilmington, Delaware;
  5. Midland, Texas;
  6. Dallas Texas;
  7. Denver, Colorado;
  8. Birmingham, Alabama;
  9. Trenton, New Jersey;
  10. Jefferson City, Missouri.

See the full rankings by clicking here.