Paramount Assets launches franchise program to help small businesses grow in N.J.

Real estate investment firm Paramount Assets has launched Franchise Connect, a program to help franchises and small businesses grow and succeed in New Jersey, it announced recently.

Paramount said as part of the program, its Franchise Connect team will serve as a liaison between franchisors and potential landlords, work with franchisors to pre-approve locations and help franchisees in their decision making process.

“We tailored our Franchise Connect program as a win-win for all parties involved,” Samir Guzman, executive director of leasing and marketing at Paramount Assets, said. “It offers time- and money-saving benefits for franchisors and franchisees and will help in growing businesses in our state.”

The program also offers incentives, including rent discounts, concessions and tenant improvement allowances.

“The number of options and process can seem overwhelming for prospective franchisees, even if they are from the New Jersey area,” Guzman said. “In particular, having the ability to choose from pre-approved sites will enable them to open their doors for business much sooner than if they needed to engage in a property search or negotiate with landlords. Also, our franchisee clients will have access to properties not listed on the market.”

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