Boiling Springs donates $197K to Paterson Habitat for Humanity

Boiling Spring Savings Bank announced Tuesday it has donated $197,000 to Paterson Habitat for Humanity.

The contribution, it said, shows the bank’s commitment to enhancing the quality of life in the communities it serves.

The funds will allow Paterson Habitat to construct quality affordable homes, rehabilitate homes, develop a park and open space, and support microenterprises in Paterson’s Northside neighborhood.

“Paterson Habitat for Humanity has a proven history of bettering the lives of individuals in New Jersey and beyond,” Deb Cannariato, senior vice president, marketing, Boiling Springs, said. “With assistance from Habitat and other like-minded private and public initiatives, Paterson continues to reinvent itself as a city and community.”

For the donation, Boiling Springs said it participated in New Jersey’s Neighborhood Revitalization Tax Credit program overseen by the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs.